31 October 2012

I've been trying not to post more than once a day. I realized that with the Q and A plus word of the day plus random journal musing, I was overrunning everyone.

So. Here is the first double post in some time.

This is the first week of my return to a 5 day work week.
I get to sleep in a bit in the mornings.
I don't ever drive to work in the dark (and I won't all winter!)
I get to spend a bit of time with my boyfriend in the morning.
I can (and should) exercise in the mornings.
I spend only 8 hours a day at work, so it makes the days fly by. Mostly.

I have to work on Thursday, which means I only get a 2 day weekend.

Though the list of pros may be bigger than the cons list, the con list wins. Seriously, how can one compare a few hours in the mornings to an entire day? One can't. Hopefully I'll be allowed to switch back to four tens soon.

Back to the talk of multiple posts: because November is starting, I'll be posting 100 words of so of writing each day. The Q and As don't count because I wrote them up ahead of time. So be prepared.

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Abby said...

Long long time ago, I used to work 4 tens. Once I switched to 5 eights, the workdays seemed so short, but so did the weekends. I've heard it's around 21 days in a row for a routine to become routine?