30 December 2014

Today I learned of the suicide of a young trans woman Leelah Alcorn. It breaks my heart. In her note, she described her family life and how rough it was coming out to her parents at a young age. Her parents, being strict Christians, acted much as my parents did: refusing to believe it, telling her she was selfish, sending her to Christian therapists. However, at such a young age, dependent upon them, she didn't have the option I did of basically ignoring them and doing what needed doing. Even after her death, her parents refuse to honor her as a the woman she was.

These sorts of tragedies need to stop.

I have been fortunate to have great support group of friends. I have a stable job with adequate income. My parents are perhaps slowly coming around. I will hopefully be getting chest surgery within a couple of months with money I've saved over the years.

I have struggled, I am lucky. But I know I am not alone. No one should ever feel so alone.

This other blog is heating back up again.
Today I am mad at my (lack of proper) education. I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much right now, particularly. I was just thinking of the second episode of the new Cosmos show, where Neil Degrasse Tyson explains how eyes evolved. I remember being taught how evolution couldn’t possibly be real because eyes are so complex and perfect that they couldn’t gradually develop. Whoever first made that argument was full of shit and knew nothing about science. At first glance, it seems true. Muscles and lenses and all sorts of things in the eye that work together just so. And yet they aren’t perfect. Not at all actually. Eyes developed  under water, aiding ancestors in the fight for survival. Human eyes actually don’t work as well as fish eyes and the like. Interesting how science- if you just take time to learn- can change your perspectives on things.

I don’t believe that this specifically disproves the existence of God. I simply don’t think that science and religion are mutually exclusive. I think that Christianity (in particular) needs to be open to science. Refuting truths does not promote faith. Integrating your faith into proven facts promotes it much better.