21 August 2011

I don't feel as though I'm doing anything with my life recently. I've been really caught up in my transition and I've sort of forgotten the larger picture. I feel stagnant in my job. It's a decent one with decent pay, but it's not what I want to be doing forever. It's been over two years, I need to move on. But I don't know what to move on toward. I want to use my degree, I want to help people and travel. But I'm tied here for a bit. With good reason. At least until next summer. In the meantime, I'm hoping to find something to do that might at least interest me. I am going to be changing my work schedule to four ten hour days, so I will have a day or two free for an internship, volunteering or even classes if I so desire. And I don't know what I'll do with that time, but I'm vowing now to use it wisely, and not just as another lazy day.

09 August 2011

As much as I hate the thought, I've been entertaining the idea of taking classes again. I won't say "going back to school" because it makes me sick inside. I really have always dreaded school. However, I miss learning. I miss intelligent discussions. I miss writing and reading. I miss being caught up on events and methods and theories. I miss being relevant.