10 December 2013

The Impossible

I just watched The Impossible. Literally the only reason I watched it is because of Ewan McGregor. I was miffed about it when I saw the previews and, even though it's based on a true story, I came away miffed. You see, it's about a family affected by the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. The reason I'm unhappy with it? It's about a white family. It details their struggles to survive and to reunite. There is hardly any reference to the non-white locals affected by the disaster. Several thousand people died in Thailand alone, and over 200,000 in 14 countries. The film showed dead people. It didn't gloss over the devestation, but it didn't personalize it. Because, obviously audiences can only connect with white protagonists. (/sarcasm)

The acting was very good. I'm a fan of Ewan's (obviously) and I like Naomi Watts a lot. The boy was also very good. Mostly the acting was a lot of terror and grief, but I feel that it takes particular talent to do well. And they did.

Strangely, it's a Spanish film (but is in English), I don't know if that redeems it at all. 

So yeah. I don't really have anything to say about it besides what I've said.

07 December 2013


I now drive a small 2 wheel drive car. I like it. It has amazing gas mileage. But it snowed. And it's a bit terrifying to drive. This is my first winter driving not-an-suv. It's not so much the lack of 4wd that scares me about driving in the snow. It's the fact that I'm now half the size I was and I feel fragile next to all the suvs zooming by me.

Another weather related note: cold often invigorates me. This cold snap hasn't so much done that though. Instead I want to eat all the snacks possible to build up a layer of fat and hibernate for a time