22 February 2015


I really like snow. Really. Almost every thing about it. The only thing I don't like is driving in it. Mostly because I now drive a tiny little car and I'm afraid of all those people who drive big ones as if they think four wheel drive means that they are impervious to slipping...

Anyhow. Snow. We have it. It's been an odd winter. Snow dumps down then melts in a day or so leaving thick mud and/or layers of ice. Then we have a few days of 60+ temperatures. And now three solid days of snow. Fun!

Except I have to drive to work tomorrow.

I also like to hike/play/ski/snowshoe/run in the snow. I did a couple of those things today. We went to a park and played with the dog. He's also a big fan of snow. Then I went for a nice 7 mile run. It's so refreshing. Until my eyelashes start freezing.