11 July 2017

Out in the wilds of Colorado

So I've been doing this trail running thing for a few years now. I'm no pro, obviously, but I've been working on my milage. I learned a couple weeks back that 20 miles in the heat is no good. This week I dialed it back to 6 very pleasant miles up Ben Tyler trail. I love running through aspen groves next to a creek. I wish it was less of a drive.
Aspen grove and Ben Tyler trail. 

I also went on a photography outing with my friend (incidentally back to the scene of the crime of my previous grueling trail run.) We found some pretty birds.
mountain bluebird


Last weekend, I went white water rafting for the first time. It was super fun! But I won't be able to afford doing that regularly. No photos of that though as I haven't got a waterproof camera and the professional photos were exorbitantly priced.

The weekend before that, we revisited the Black Canyon National Park. It really is quite impressive.
Black Canyon


And the weekend before Black Canyon we took an impromptu hike to Mills Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.

After just over 8 years in animal care, I landed a new job at my work. It's a newly created position that will involve driving and paperwork. It will be good to change some things up for sure.