27 January 2015

Last week was really rough. I'm still feeling the aftershocks of emotional stress. A lot of things happened with a lot of my friends at work. I just want everyone to be happy and healthy. I wish I could fix everything back up. I am confident that everything will be okay. It will just take time. Some really rough, emotional time.

I found out a few things:

I don't actually handle well under certain sorts of stress. I need someone to give me direction.
I am not used to high emotional stress and it exhausts me.
Though he may make it hard to see, my boyfriend has a huge heart.
My roommate is actually a really good guy to have around.
I really love my friends.

20 January 2015

What a day. Consultation with the surgeon (more on that here). Phone tag with the surgeon's office and the medical flex card company to determine if I can use the money I allotted. Very pleasant four miles along Cherry Creek opposite the paved trail. Locked out of my car and waiting in the cold for rescue. Listening to my roommate tear up the kitchen floor that is not only moldy but also has asbestos tiles. Sushi.


13 January 2015

I just watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel again. I first watched it on the plane back from Iceland.

It's really quite amazing. A bit of a comedy, but mostly drama. Great scenery, music and acting. I absolutely love Dame Judi Dench. But there are so many other older British actors as well.

My boyfriend's synopsis: "Super Excellent Hotel"  It's about a bunch of old people who go to India to die.

Not exactly true, but not entirely false either. Basically, it's really good and I think everyone can get a little something out of it. I think I may even buy it.

Oh, and they're making a sequel. I hope it doesn't disappoint.

10 January 2015

I have been trying desperately to write more. But I've been doing it on paper, so this blog seems a bit neglected. This year I set goals (resolutions?) to write more, read more and run more. So far I've been doing well with all of them.

Running has been especially good lately. I have learned to really enjoy running in the cold weather. The only thing that's hurt me is the long run I did (8.5 miles) was mostly on concrete and my foot hurt a bit afterwords. I need to do at least my long runs on trails. So my next goal is to find some good trails nearby. I moved further from the foothills, so it takes heaps longer to get to some of my favorite ones. I need to find some on this side of town.

I want to register for some races. Probably had better start with a 5k. I can manage that on pavement. I should probably volunteer at one to get the feel as well. My ultimate goal is to be able to do a Spartan Sprint this year. I was sorely tempted last year, but I couldn't justify the cost. Someone mentioned that I could likely get a waived fee if I volunteered for the morning race and ran in the afternoon. So that's a possibility. Then I can combine my two favorite activities - parkour and running.

All of this depends on if/when I get surgery and how long recovery takes. I need to train smart and I don't want to mess up my scars.

This year is going to be great.