31 October 2012

23. List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them.

1. Reading. It is my soul food.
2. Parkour. I like to be able to manipulate my own body. (except right now I can't)
3. Writing. It's the only way I feel I can actually communicate. I'm not very good at speaking to people, so my emotions often get left out of conversations. But they end up on paper. And on the internet.
4. Video Games. I like to waste some time. Also I like to play out good story lines. I don't like games that are only about shooting things. I like platforming games and ones with puzzles to solve and places to explore.
5. Hiking. I love to get out of the city and away from (most) people. I like to breathe fresh air, use my legs, see the natural world.

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