29 October 2014

I've been feeling super lazy lately. To the point that all I've done besides work this week is sit on the computer or play video games. No trail Tuesday. No running on lunch. No rock wall. Just lazy. I don't know why.

I've also been eating rather poorly this week. I'm betting that plays a huge part.

I got a fitbit for my birthday a couple weeks back. It's a fun gadget and seems to be fairly accurate. I tend to average about 8 miles just at work, so that's cool to know. I am a bit sad that I don't have more contacts to compete with though. That might also get me out of this lazy funk.

26 October 2014

Trail Tuesday (last Tuesday)

A friend of mine with whom I've hiked once before asked if I would join him on a hike he'd found in Rocky Mountain National Park. I agreed, even though it meant getting up ridiculously early on my day off to drive for two hours.

Boy was it worth it though!

Out ultimate destination was Sky Pond, but the trail passed several other alpine lakes along the way. It was amazing to watch the sun rise over these placid lakes.

Sunrise across Loch Vale

Timberline Falls. We had to scramble up the trail next to them.

The Shark's Teeth and Sky Pond.
I found the panorama function on my phone!

The Loch on the way back down.

My buddy and Alberta Falls.

25 October 2014

Washington Parks Tour

At the beginning of October we spent a week in Washington state, touring the National Parks and hiking as much as possible. We did not make it to North Cascades National Park, choosing instead to go further south to Mt. Saint Helens National Monument, and even down to Portland, OR for the day. 

Our first night camping (in Mt. Rainier National Park) we saw some mice scurrying around the rental car. I figured they were tiny enough not to be able to get in. The next morning, I found I was wrong. One had nibbled a cookie. Bit a hole in a Lara Bar wrapper and shredded three rolls of toilet paper. Demon! We stored the food better from then on, and kept doors closed, but I was constantly worried that the mouse was still in the vehicle and would chew my down sleeping bag or ruin the car somehow. The fears proved unfounded. 

We did several great hikes, one main one in each place. In Mt. Rainier we did the Naches Peak Loop which overlaps the Pacific Crest Trail. It was astounding. We also did part of Mt. Fremont.

Mt. Rainier. It's ever-present.
Rainier in Reflection Lake.

Autumn foliage on the Naches trail.

Boyfriend and Rainier.

Mt. Rainier and colorful foliage.
We did not get around the the east side of Mt. Saint Helens in order to get any photos of the devastation that occurred there. We did a short "hike" through the Ape Caves, some old lava tubes. We had to use headlamps. It was so fun!
The entrance/exit to the Ape Caves. Lava tubes near Mt. Saint Helens.

We were accompanied on our hike in Olympic National Park by a Canadian couple. We had no choice really. They camped near us the night before and we were informed that they were going to attempt the same loop as we were, and that they'd join us. Even though we tried to get up early enough to beat them to the trailhead, it was unsuccessful. It wasn't bad though, they were very nice and very fit, keeping up out 3 mile an hour pace. The trail through the rain forest was mostly boardwalk so it was easy, though sometimes slippery. We got to the beach a low tide and it was super rocky and filled with seaweed. Not a very pleasant walk along the beach. The four of us were joined by a young black tailed stag. He stayed with us for a good mile or so. The beach hike ended at a fun sea stack which we were able to climb and see way up and down the coast. We couldn't see out west because of the ever-present fog. 

Rainbow over the Pacific at Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park.

Whale bone!

Petroglyphs along the beach near Wedding Rock.

our hiking buddy.

I could not live in the Pacific Northwest. It is altogether too rainy and dreary. And very humid. I loved visiting though, I am sure I will do so again. I have discovered a love for the ocean. This was my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean, and I want to see more of it. Without fog. The forests are beautiful. So green and full of moss. The temperature was amazing considering the time of year we went. I just tired of everything being damp all the time.

23 October 2014

I've really been slacking on this blog. I need to post about my trip to Washington and all the fun camping and hiking that was done. And I want to post about my latest trailrun Tuesday, but I need to do the other thing first. So I just keep not doing anything.

I will though. Just you wait.

02 October 2014

So somehow I ended up buying two bikes. Of course I know how, but the second one was so flashy. Bright orange and new. And the seat so much more comfortable. But it didn't make it the second half of my commute the first day I took it to work. The all-important return home. I ended up with a flat tire and no notion of what to do. So I called for help and got a ride back for me and my limping bike. I think I like the purple one better. It is a better brand (Trek). And it didn't let me down after a whole week of there-and-backs. I don't know if I should fix the orange one and sell the purple one, try to sell it as it, or fix and then sell. Do I really need to spend more money in order to get some back? Why does life have to be so complicated? Maybe I'll just drive to work from now on. Especially since it's getting toward freezing temperatures in the morning.

Wow, that was a block of text for ya.