23 September 2014

Trail Run Tuesday.

I sort of fell off the wagon. I had been doing so well too, until I became a sort of nurse and then we moved. I was running almost daily and doing a nice long run on Tuesdays, not to mention a long hike over the weekend. But then I took a break. And now it's dark in the mornings. So hard to climb out of bed when it's dark. Originally I thought it was dark due to the changing of seasons, and I'm sure that plays some role, but mostly the new bedroom has very thick black blinds and a large, shady tree outside. Also, it faces west. So everything is dark and I want to sleep forever.

But two weeks ago I made myself get up and run around the neighborhood. It was nice. I found a park that I hope to revisit to do some parkour. Last week I purchased a mountain bike from craigslist and I plan to start riding that to work.

Pond on top of the world.
And today I finally got back to my Trail Run Tuesday. It was glorious. I went back to North Table Mountain in Golden. It's my favorite trail I've run thus far. I did take a different branch this time which wasn't as fun and was much shorter, but I got to see a very pretty little pond. And I kept a very fast pace considering I haven't trail run in almost two months.

Yes, I have a climbing wall in my garage, but I seem not to use it as much as I should. But now, with that, the bike, and today's run, I'm back on the wagon.

01 September 2014

As promised some photos of my new place.

The front of the house.
Nice big backyard.
and, my favorite, the climbing wall in the garage.
I love having a yard and I love not having to fight for parking out front of my abode. The best part really is the wall though. I intend to make full use of it as often as possible. Also, there's a hot tub. So really there's nothing to complain about at all.

Now to find a bike.