18 December 2012

My Weakness

 I don't have an overabundance of gay attributes, but I embody a couple gay stereotypes. One is obvious: the whole liking of men thing. Another is that I'm incredibly fond of new items of clothing. I like to think I'm not a very material sort of person. I try to be fairly minimal, but new stuff is a weakness. Usually, I only get new stuff when I need it.

So, new shoes. I have recently become aware of minimalist footwear, and since I prefer bare feet anyway, it was an easy step to make switching over from traditional footwear. However, it's expensive. But I needed new hiking/winter boots, and I finally found the waterproof Vivos on the Clymb for about half price, so I went for it.

I love them. I cannot wait to try them with gators snowshoeing. I'll need to wear some nice thick socks though, it's bound to be a bit more chilly without so much sole for insulation.

1 comment:

Abby said...

Nice find! And thanks for the Clymb, which I was unaware of until now. The more minimal the better when it comes to footwear, I say. But I'm also wondering how to keep the tootsies warm and minimally shod at the same time. Keep us posted?