08 December 2012

fluffy love

Love is falling from the sky and I haven't any boots.

This is not a metaphor. I'm talking about snow. And it's about damn time!

But seriously, I don't have snowboots. However, I did find a pair of water resistant Vivobarefoot boots for about half price. I can wear them with gators and tear up this fluffy, cold love!

I love winter. I don't much like driving when there's snow, but only because so few people know how to handle it, and I'm constantly on edge for cars sliding through stop signs and the like. And I don't like how dark and short winter days are. Besides that, I love winter more than most things.

I love breathing air so cold it makes my nose hairs stick together. I love when the day-old snow creaks under my feet. I love splashing through fresh powder. I love letting my breath fog my glasses. I love flannel-lined jeans and scarves and warm hats. I love coming in to a warm house and feeling the flush on my cheeks. I love drinking hot chocolate with some irish cream added.

Don't fail me now, snow. Don't be a tease. I'm counting on you to chase these 70 degree days far away.


Abby said...

Wonderful description of fluffy love, I'm feeling it too!
I'm also wondering what to do in the footwear department. Can we have minimalism without frostbite??

Larz said...

That's what thick socks are for! And slight friction.