30 December 2012

A year

This year has been eventful. I don't think I accomplished all I wanted to, but things still happened, I'm not disappointed. 

I've reviewed my resolutions list from last December and I did decently on it.

When I was doing parkour classes there was a time I could see my abs, not a 6 pack or anything, but a flat stomach. Only for a few weeks though... And I still eat far too much sugar. Still working on that. Paying for dental work has been a huge incentive.

I wrote a short piece for my friend's Flash Fiction contest. 

I didn't keep a list of books, but I read a good many, including all the current A Song of Ice and Fire series. I don't think I really cut down much on internet time though. And I added video game time. Rather a lot of it.

During most of the summer, Liam and I hiked about once a week. We camped. I ran on my lunch breaks at work (sometimes.) And we walk daily with his dog. So I accomplished being outside. Still, not as much as I might like.

I have not found a new job, nor have I found a place with which to volunteer.

Too add to my year:

I went to a new country- Canada. Thus completing North America. I used my new passport with my new name.

I took a parkour class and learned the basics of the art so I can strive to be more healthy and fit. I also learned the benefit of minimal shoes even though I always knew I liked being barefoot. I now have 3 pairs: trainers, waterproof hikers and sandals.

I got a very decent raise at work.

I bought a PS3 and became addicted to Assassin's Creed.

Both my dog and my cat were euthanized. They were my childhood pets. I'd had my cat Patrick since the end of 2nd grade and I got Valerie when I was in 5th grade. They lived long lives and were much loved by everyone.

My 'phew and Blaze the golden retriever, Val the cattle dog and Patrick the boneless cat. 
I visited 10 (I think I counted correctly) National Parks after splitting an annual pass with two others. So worth it.

I hiked three 14ers. Hopefully many more this coming year!

I moved in with my boyfriend. It was a good decision. This has been my longest relationship, over two years! Hopefully many more.

So yes, an eventful year. Perhaps next year will be even more so.

As far as resolutions for the coming year, I want to climb at least four14ers.  I want to leave the country. I want to be able to consistently do 30 pushups and 15 pullups. I will also be keeping track of the books I read, I wish to read at least 12,000 pages. Shouldn't be a problem. And I wish to write. An average of 100 words a day. About anything. I am not holding myself to blogging every day or even writing unpublished things each day, but I wish to write more some days to make up for it.

Hold me to it?

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Abby said...

Looks like a pretty complete year - good outweighing the bad, so that's nice. Happy New Year!