25 December 2012


I rather like that I will get paid quite a lot for working today. Holidays at work are always pretty easy. First, we don't have a time constraint because we don't open to the public. Second, we tend to get a lot of volunteers, so we have many people helping and the work goes quickly. Not always smoothly of course, some volunteers get rather territorial.

I yearn for a holiday that I can spend with my boyfriend. No more dealing with unsympathetic and even hostile family members. No more traveling and being apart.

I've spent this Christmas with Ezio, rebuilding Rome. 

Did I mention that as a present from my parents (mum) this year, I got a bill? I don't really want to rant about it, but it wasn't very nice of her. 

Update on my new Vivos. They are cold. If I'm not wearing thick (smartwool) socks. And when I'm not moving. If the ground is cold, there just isn't much separating my feet from it, so I have to keep moving. Keep friction going. Haven't tried them snowshoeing yet, hopefully this coming weekend. I'm not worried.

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Abby said...

Merry Christmas!
Back in my young and single days, I liked working holidays for the reasons you mention - less hassles, more pay. My in-laws are of the unsympathetic, sometimes hostile variety. Over the years, I've become quite detached and indifferent. Sad maybe, but not uncommon I guess.