05 December 2012

I think my brain is atrophying. I have been going back and editing posts because I've made stupid typos or spelling errors. Even though I do (usually) proofread before I publish.

I haven't really had to use my brain much in a very long time. I've been out of school for almost five years, and there's little evidence I used my brain even when I was in school.

I try to keep it honed by reading a lot. And by doing sudoku and kakuro puzzles. Occasionally, I engage in a deep and intricate conversation. But I haven't really stretched my brain in ages. I don't know how to actually, it's just bored and it's making me feel slow and daft.

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Abby said...

This is one of the reasons I decided to be a tutor. I won't work my brain unless I "have" to. That cruel use-it-or-lose-it rearing it's ugly head.