02 August 2012

Unshoes: Pah Tempe

I ordered my Unshoes about 6 or 7 weeks ago. I had to supply tracings of my feet. I chose the Pah Tempe style because I detest anything between my toes and also because I love that the strap pattern was very similar to that of Chacos. And I love Chacos except that their rigidity now hurts me a lot.

Anyhow, I recieved my new minimal sandals on Thursday. I also left for a 5 day camping roadtrip on Thursday. I did not wear any other shoes on that trip. These shoes are really quite amazing. They are the (almost) perfect combo between Chacos and my Vivobarefoot shoes. Interstingly, the sole is actualy  2.5 times thicker than the Vivos at 10mm. This is mostly because if it were much thiner, the sole would likely flap around a bit due to the limitations of the straps. Thinner soles work for shoes, but I agree that for sandals, one can't get much thinner. However, 10mm is minimal enough. I have full flexibility in my feet and I can feel the ground well enough.

I put the shoes though quite a lot on their first weekend in my possesion. I went on hikes, waded in water, walked through snow, walked through sand, swam. They held up with almost no signs of wear. I'm a fan. I'll never go back.

So, who wants a pair Chacos in good condition?


Abby said...

AH, you did get the Unshoes. I've been curious about these ever since I got on the minimal shoe bandwagon!

Nice review, it makes me want a pair. I find it hard to justify the cost, though, so I wear the poor tevas. You prefer these to the vivobarefoots? What about winter?

Larz said...

Did you see the photo? haha. For the winter I'll switch back to closed toed shoes. I really want to get a more rugged pair of vivos, but that I certainly cannot afford currently. I guess I worry on that when winter arrives. I want it here now.

Scott said...

Enjoyed your write up of the Pah's. I also have pair and enjoy them very much. My only issue with them is when running I get blisters where the strap crosses at the base of my big toe. During your trip did you have any problems like this? It appears from your picture that your strap crosses your big toe the same place my does.


Larz said...

When I first got them, I got a small blister on my pinky toe, but then I got used to them. I've never had a blister issue since. I also don't run in them though. That could be the difference, I just do everything else in them.

Hernando said...

I had the same problem with some serious irritation from some bulky rough stitching at the base of my left big toe. I removed the stitching and redone it with a speedy stitcher. Much better.