15 August 2012

So I've just recently purchased a PS3. It's been in the works, but I got it now because it's really nice to have Netflix on the TV and not just the laptop. And also I found a backwards compatible one for a very decent price. And that was the only requirement because there are a few PS2 and even regular PlayStaion games that I still (must) play. However, this will mean I have to beat them again. No problem I guess, I'll have some free time in the evenings when my boyfriend is in class.

I will also be using those couple of hours practicing parkour, or at least conditioning. I am trying to work my way up to the level 2 requirements. I did 30 push ups today. Well, I did about 70 actually, but I did 30 in a row. I wonder if I can keep that up.

Another thing I need to be doing in the evenings is writing. And with that, reading. I read at work on my breaks, but that's really all. And it's not enough. I'm halfway through A Dance with Dragons, I began A Game of Thrones in January sometime. And yes, they're large books, but eight months is a long time for 5 books. I remember when I used to get prizes for summer reading. I'd read upwards of 7,000 pages in the three month span. And I bought a bunch of Ursula K. Leguin books at a used bookstore, so I need to read them.

So between gaming, parkour and reading, I've got my evenings planned. Oh, and hopefully some writing as well...

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