06 August 2012

I want to do level 2 parkour at Apex Movement. I'm sure I'd have no trouble getting into the class because I took the previous one, but I did have a look at their fitness requirements on the website and decided that I need to be able to do all of those. So I have some working to do until I figure out when the next class starts/ when I have the money to pay for the next class.

Here is the list:

LVL 2 Parkour/Freerunning Requirements

Air squats
  • 25 perfect & consecutive (men & women)

    Push ups (max reps in 1 min.)
  • 30 (men)
  • 15 (women)

    Sit ups (max reps in 2 min.)
  • 60 (men & women)

    Kipping pull ups
  • 8 (men)
  • 4 (women)

    Broad jump
  • 7 ft. (men)
  • 5 ft. (women)

    Wall handstand hold
  • 30 sec. (men & women)

  • QM (basic)
  • QM (gallop)
  • Cat balance (along line on ground)

  • Landing to roll to sprint (off 24 in. box)
  • Landing to sprint (off 24 in. box)

  • Punch jump
  • Tuck jump
  • Forward roll
  • Backward roll
  • Full turn in place
  • Kick to handstand (3 sec. hold)
  • Cartwheel

    Jumps and balancing
  • Precision jump (between rails, ~50% of max broad jump distance, ~3-5 ft. apart)
  • Balance on rail (30 sec.)
  • 1 full rail squat
  • 3 consecutive 180 hop turns
  • 2 consecutive 180 pivot turns

    Cat leaps and climbing
  • Cat leap
  • Top out (From support, kick back to 2 footed plant on top of object)
  • Climb up (level one)
  • Climb down (from support position to full cat hang)

  • 2 hand safety vault (both sides)
  • 1 hand safety vault (both sides)
  • Lazy vault (both sides)
  • Monkey plant (symmetrical)
  • Pop safety vault (over 4 ft. vault box)

    Tic tacs and wall runs
  • Tic tac (1 step, over 2 ft. tall object)
  • Wall run (1 step)
  • 30 in. wall run vertical (men)
  • 18 in. wall run vertical (women)

    Bar skills
  • Basic underbar
  • Shimmy along bar (20 ft .)
  • Go from a full hang to a support position on bar using any method

  • Most of these things I can do. The push ups and sit ups will probably be the worst. And I do have some difficulty with top outs and climb ups. Some things to work on. And all the balancing things. I'm lacking the places to train on that. 

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    Abby said...

    You can do most of these? Impressive. The vaults and wall runs intimidate me, but I would love to be a real urban ninja! You're right, where to practice?