02 August 2012

This weekend was spectacular. It was a lot of driving (I personally did only a couple of hours of it), but the experience was well worth it.

We left after I got off work on Thursday. I work until 6, so we didn't leave Denver until at least 8pm. I napped a bit, assuming that I'd be driving later that night or early in the morning. But we didn't get that far. It's quite hazardous to drive past Lusk, Wyoming after dusk. Way too many deer. Like whoah. So we slept in the car on a pullout of I-25 until dawn. Then drive pretty much solid up to Canada. By the way, Wyoming, Montana and Alberta are very flat and boring.

"What is that?!"
But the fun began as we entered Waterton Lakes National Park. We saw a lovely little friend.

We camped in Canada and then headed back across the border to check out Glacier National Park. As far as shared parks go, the US got the better end of this deal. The Logan Pass road it epic and the views are indescribable.

We camped and hiked in Glacier and it was awesome. We found a hiking buddy too.
Hello there Mr. Mountain Goat.
I really dig the Tetons.
After spending ample time in Glacier, we headed southward toward Yellowstone and Tetons National Parks. We'd been to them last year, so we skipped all the tourist things at Yellowstone in order to more fully appreciate Tetons. I love the Tetons. They are amazingly pointy. That's all I can say.

Early morning mists over the Snake River.
So that's the trip. It was awesome. And now I've just moved in with Liam and I'm busy unpacking.

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Abby said...

Sounds beautiful! But yes, much driving, I'm sure. I've never been that far north and might have to add it to the bucket list. And like you, I prefer the Tetons to tourist-packed yellowstone. Glad you got your snow fix!