21 November 2012


I try to stay out of heated debates of any variety, especially religious and political ones.

But I was a Global Studies major and politics and religion are certainly part of that study.

I don't like making people mad. I don't care if people don't agree with me. I'd just as soon keep my opinions to myself.

But the news.

And I've waited until it's (sorta) over to even touch this. But I cannot resist, because it hurts me.

Yes, I'm talking about Israel/Palestine.

And I don't know what to say other than it hurts me. It hurts me that there is death at all, but it hurts especially that the 150+ people seem not to be counted as much as the 5. It hurts me that people take sides because of religion, and not because of humanity.

I will not argue about what is 'right'. None of it is right. I have this grandiose notion that people should just be able to get along.

Why are people so stubborn? Why is it that there can be only one right way in some minds? Why do deaths not matter unless they are on 'your' side?

I don't have a solution to the shit-show that is the Middle East (pardon that language.) I just know that it hurts me. I wish I did know how to help. Perhaps I need to go back to school. Become a diplomat. A relief/aid worker. Something. Anything but watching helplessly and hopelessly.

Today, I'm thankful that there is a ceasefire in Palestine/Israel, however tenuous it may be. I am glad that it was reached even though both sides did not get what they demanded.

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Mary Craven said...

I am sad too. There are innocent victims there - minding their own business - living their own lives. What if this happened here? How afraid would I be? How scared would I be for my family and my friends and my pets? This is unimaginable to me. Of all things I hate, being a victim is what I hat the most. I always say I refuse to be a victim. But what if I just was? Through no fault of my own? Just dragged in to it? When you decide to go there, let me go with you....