01 November 2012

Day 1

Halloween. Hallowe'en. All Hallow's Eve. Etc.

I don't have a very strong connection to it. Which is not to say I don't like candy and dressing up.

I grew up in a very Christian home. When I was quite little, my parents allowed us to dress up and go collect candy from neighbors and families from our church. We were never allowed to be anything scary though. I was a cat once. Then a tiger. I remember my brother as a clown (which really is scary!) And once as Dick Tracey. And I guess that's it. I remember exactly two Halloweens as a child.

Then my parents, and my small Christian school, decided that good people don't celebrate that particular holiday. So my mom just bought us candy every year instead. I was happy enough.

In college though, even a Christian university, everyone was back into dressing up. Firstly, there was Chipotle. If you dressed like a burrito (wore any scrap of foil) you got a free burrito. It was great. So I did that. Every year.

My housemates and I had a party the year after I graduated. But I wasn't really even big on that. People got drunk and went all out on costumes and everything. I just wore my cloak (was a hobbit?) and ate candy.

And a year or so following that, I wore the same cloak and went to a party as a Jedi.

This year, even though I did nothing at all last night, I did make a costume for going out the previous weekend. I was Altair from Assassin's Creed.

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Abby said...

I found this a bit sad, probably just because I look from my reference point of many halloweens and scary fun.

Nice Altair. Some parkour moves to round out the look?