03 November 2012

I already failed. Except that I posted over 200 words on the first, so perhaps skipping the second wasn’t so bad.

Anyhow, there is an excuse. I went camping. Yes, it’s November. And yes, it was cold. We camped near Nederland in my Pathfinder. It was Zorro’s first camping trip. He was very confused to be allowed to sleep so near us. Really, too near us. It was a bit crowded to say the least. But it was good. We woke up to ice on the insides of the windows from our collective breathing.

Our intention was to snowshoe, but since there was not a scrap of snow at the trailhead, we decided to simply hike. Turns out we probably should have carried the snowshoes for later. We ended up losing the trail and wading through 8 inch drifts. Oops. Also, we never quite made it to the lake.

It was a good trip anyhow and now we have a very exhausted dog as well as two rather tired people. 

Word count: 170

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Abby said...

November camping! Chilly fun! Zorro must've helped keep you warm.
I haven't been to Nederland forever - beautiful cross country skiing.
Enchanting photo.