14 July 2012

Summited Quandary Peak on Friday. 14,265 ft. It wasn't terribly hard. Certainly a different experience taking a dog along. We brought Liam's sister's dog. He doesn't really know how to walk on a leash. Or in public. Or whatever. But it was nice. My Chacos hurt my feet on the way down. A whole lot. I'm getting too used to my minimal shoes. So Chacos and I are on a break. Indefinitely. I hope my Unshoes come soon.

also, Liam and I started a 14ers tumblr. Check it out: fyeah14ers.tumblr.com

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Abby said...

Nice views! And with a naive dog for more challenge! I'm glad the weather cooperated, I worry about thunderstorms this time of year. Have you ordered Unshoes? I've heard great things about them and am thinking of some for myself.