08 July 2012

I wish I knew how to have some self control. I need to eat better. When I get hungry I go into a sort of feeding frenzy and head straight for the vending machines. And I don't get just one thing, usually 2 or 3. Guh. And I need to do some sort conditioning every day. Ten push ups, 5 pull ups. A jog around the block. A swim that's actually a swim and not a splash around in the pool. Something. Anything. I just have a hard time actually doing it.

And I need to write. And I've realized that my charge up for writing is reading. So I need to read more than just on my breaks at work. I need to read at home instead of dinking around on tumblr and facebook.I'm not going to set a goal or anything, I just want to write. Fiction. Poetry. Tales from work. Anything.

Keep me to it?

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Abby said...

Back in November, I "decided" to blog every day for a month. It was sort of an assignment from a life coach I was working with (another story). After doing it for a month, it seemed wrong to stop, so here I am. It helped knowing that I would have to report back to my coach. If it helps, know that I'm watching - like a cheap life coach.