10 July 2012

On Pus

It's hard to relay this story in written form. The topic is pus (as I mentioned earlier).  Beware.

When we see animals in need of medical attention, we write up a short note about them in our computer program to let everyone know what the problem is.

At a staff meeting it was brought to our attention that someone had incorrectly used the word pus. Actually, they'd made up a word. Pus-y. But they spelled it 'pussy'. The sentence was this: "this cat has pussy discharge." Um. Gross. Not only is that not a word as it was intended, but occasionally these notes can be subpoenaed if needed in certain cases. That would be fun to explain to a court.


Abby said...

Okay, that's actually kind of funny, but I'm sure not for the cat.

Aiden said...

That happened in pathophysiology- the instructor wrote a pussy discharge on the board- couldn't stop laughing all day. Hilarious.

SilverReign said...

I couldn't help but laugh at this :)