21 July 2012

I think I have heat exhaustion. Or just exhaustion in general plus a sunburn and mild dehydration.

Tried to hike another 14er on Friday. It was not a day for it. The hike wasn't particularly hard or long, but we weren't feeling it. Still hiked about 9 miles that day though. In the sun. I got very sunburned.

Then I went to the Renaissance Festival. And was in the sun for even more hours. And I may have been drinking.

So anyway, I feel ill and I can't cool down (mostly because it's 9 pm and 85 degrees). And my sunburnt scalp hurts heaps.

I know I shouldn't complain about the heat, but I do. And I'm going to work tomorrow because there is A/C in most places.

And this week I am packing all my shit up and moving it two and a half blocks away.

Then I'm going to Montana.

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Abby said...

Be careful in the heat, it can cause irreversible damage if you're not. At least you have A/C where you work. I want to immerse myself in a cold tub of water. The "I may have been drinking...", yes it happens :). Hope the move goes smoothly.