29 March 2016

I'm finally getting back to running. It's been too long. It's amazing to me how tied my diet and my workouts are. I tend not to eat well when I'm not working out, so after taking several weeks to heal up after surgery, getting back to it is difficult. I've again decided to cut added sugars out of my diet. I have no self-control, so moderation is out the window. I will work on sweets, then work on the few other snack foods I tend to overdo it on.

It's amazing to run again. I went for a couple miles at lunch yesterday and had a slightly sore back because those stabilizer muscles became weak. Today I did about three miles and my calves are tight. It really sucks to have to basically start over. But here's to a good year. It's nearly light enough in the morning to run before work. Or perhaps I'll start running to and from work. Also watch this space for the return of Trail Tuesday.

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Abby said...

Hey, welcome back! It's discouraging how fast you lose "it" when you stop running, and how long it takes to get it back. But you're off to a great start! Just in time for longer days.