15 January 2013

Air travel snipets

Airports are for people watching, or, in my case, shoe watching. Yes, I'm a gay boy, but I'm also into the types of people who wear certain shoes and if they wear them correctly, if that makes sense. I'm not expert, but I've done a lot of research about minimal footwear and how to protect one's feet. So I watch shoes. And I watch how people walk in them. And I judge them accordingly. You'd be surprised how many people heel strike even in shoes without much of a rise. It makes me cringe. I can pick out people who run, even if they aren't wearing any sort of running shoes. It's a strange hobby, to be sure, but it passes the time.
These most recent flights were spent at night and in a middle seat, so there wasn't much to see. But I did at one point catch a glimpse out the window of a field of windmills blinking in synchronization. I watched as a black field filled eerily with red spots.
I am the one who cannot sit still. I guess I've always been a bit fidgety, my mom used to get mad at me and tell me to stop tapping my foot or drumming my fingers etc. Being more or less trapped between two others on a 4 hour flight didn't go so well for me. Especially on the trip out because I wasn't as tired, just amped up.  So I moved around the whole flight. Knees on the seat in front. Head down on the tray table. One leg out, one bent. Lean to the right. Lean to the left. Sigh. Play video games on my phone. Listen to music. Watch something on the TV in front of me. Play video games on my iPod. Watch the in flight map. Never stop moving.

Because of this inability to get comfortable, I was reminded of when my class took a bus to Mexico. We basically had the whole bus to ourselves, so space wasn't an issue. However, I found the one unique and actually comfortable way to sleep. Upside down. Seriously. I put my bag on the floor and my pillow on it, then lay with my feet up on the top of the seat. Odd times. 
It's apparently a problem to be trans and fly. I haven't had to go through the full body scan until this trip. And both times, 'something' shows up in my crotch region and my chest region. I needed to be patted down and have my hands tested for whatever. Theory: if the scanners catch the sweat between my chest bits, surely it does the same for women as well. Is this just another ploy to disenfranchise women? And I'm sorry that my lower bits aren't attached. I'll get right on that...


Abby said...

Ever since I got on the minimalist shoe train, I notice others' strides too. It's like watching an injury happen! I'm also a fidgeter, always bouncing. Never tried sleeping upside down on a bus, however. Interesting, the trans-in-an-airport experience. What's with the hand check?

Aiden said...

they are checking your hand for explosive or gun powder residue...we used to do it for anyone suspicious in Iraq. Pretty neat stuff...a bit over zealous for the TSA though.