14 January 2013

(I can never come up with any good titles)

I'm back.

I didn't really write on my trip, but I took note of topics to write about when I returned. So there will be a few posts this week regarding my trip. Today will be a general overview.

We took the red eye on Tuesday night, arriving in Boston just before 5 am. It was rough. I slept a total of 15 minutes or so. We took the train for quite a ways and then were picked up by Liam's brother to sleep more at his place.

Then, on to the Museum of Science and wandering around downtown Boston. It was grand. Perhaps I'm bias, but I think I like Denver's Museum of Nature and Science better, but Boston's was quite fun. I got to see the old State House (as recognized from Assassin's Creed 3), Frog Pond, The Commons, and Quincy Market. We ate a lot of fried seafood.

Old State House, Boston
Day two, we rented a car and headed north to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire where Liam spent a great deal of his childhood. It was cool to finally see all the places he talks about. Also, it was my first time ever at a beach. I've flown over the Atlantic about four times. I've been to the Persian Gulf and also to a beach on Lake Superior, but that was my first time at a legitimate ocean beach. I loved it. But more on that in another post. For dinner we had grilled swordfish and steamers. I had never eaten clams except in chowder before. It was odd, but good.

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
Day three (Friday). We went back to Hampton Beach and further up the coast to York Maine. Saw a light house. Watched the surf. Waded into the Atlantic in January. Took heaps of photos. We also went inland to visit the University of New Hampshire where Liam spent part of his undergrad. It's a very pretty campus.
Nubble Lighthouse, York, Maine

Day four was another long drive, but it culminated in a summit hike. We drove to the White Mountains in New Hampshire and met up with a friend to hike a four thousand foot peak (how puny!) It was beautiful. Very foggy and snowy and the woods were dripping. It was novel to be able to breathe on a hike. It did get hard at the end, not just a walk-up as I might have assumed at that altitude. The summit was the only place we could see out of the woods and it was an amazing view. We slid back down the mountain on our butts. I guess it's called glissade.
Atop Mt. Jackson with a view of Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

Our last day was spent recovering and packing and eating amazing Lebanese food. It was nice to have a change from all the seafood. I like seafood, but I also like variety.

I have absolutely no complaints about my trip to the East Coast. It was amazing in all respects.

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Abby said...

Looks fun! You look happy. It's always interesting to see places different from our homes, isn't it? And the "puny" 4-er, ha!
I moved to NY in my mid 20's after living in CO my whole life. Some days were hard to breathe, like there was just too much air!