06 September 2012

I spent a lot of money today. And it was not really of my own volition.

After working from 7:30 am until 8:30 pm, I went to a bar with some coworkers. I had a beer and a nice long chat with them. I didn't arrive home until nearly midnight due to the excessive chatting. And, because I live on a fairly busy street, I couldn't find parking out front. I was surprised to find some on a sidestreet and gratefully took it. I was awakened at 9:00 today by an alarm telling me I had a dental appointment at 10. So I walked down there. Shelled out (rather, swiped my card) $540 for a very tall man to poke me with needles, drill away parts of my teeth and press malleable metal into the recesses. So was poor and numbed on my walk back home. Only to find that my car door held the dreaded yellow envelope of a parking ticket. It's apparently street sweeping day on that side of that street. First time in the new place. And to ad insult to injury, er injury to insult, the envelope actually gave me a paper cut when I opened it. Fun weekend beginnings.