19 September 2012

I feel a bit adrift. I should feel overwhelmed. Perhaps I should feel like I'm failing. But I really only feel apathetic. I am working for decent pay at a job that doesn't require a degree while paying off the debt from my rather useless time at university. I have kept 'the God question' on the back burner successfully for about 4 years. I'm estranged to my family, though my dad still helps me with large bills (medical, dental, car, etc.) I haven't seen my 'phew for several years. I've lost all or most of my friends from high school and college.

I'm not badly off though. I have a place to live. Plenty of food. Good newer friends to hang out with regularly. My boyfriend. Books. Video games. Internet. Movies. I'm set.

And yet...

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Abby said...

Not necessarily museless or maundering. I think it's good to take stock of things now and then. Both the good and "areas for improvement". It's how we move forward.

I like seeing the dunes up there!