10 September 2012

A tale for WOD

primrose \PRIM-rohz\, noun:
1. Pale yellow.
2. Any plant of the genus Primula, as P. vulgaris (English primrose), of Europe, having yellow flowers, or P. sinensis (Chinese primrose), of China, having flowers in a variety of colors. Compare primrose family.
3. Evening primrose.

A story for this one:

I remember summer nights long ago and far away. (Okay, not so long ago, perhaps 15 years, and only a few hundred miles west.) My mother grew a plethora of flowers and vegetables and herbs and everything else. Among them were evening primrose. I remember waiting as the twilight darkened, watching the folded yellow flowers. They would suddenly begin to uncurl and spread their petals. A lovely sweet scent would be exposed and hawk moths would begin dive-bombing them. And now I'm thinking of hawk moths and how they are the adult version of tomato worms (hornworms).. I used to help my mom rid the tomatoes of them and feed them to the chickens. They're large. And they click and flail and try to pinch and stab. *shudder*

Anyhow, I do have some nostalgia.

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Abby said...

That clicking and flailing and trying to pinch and stab is pretty creepy. Otherwise, it's a sweet tale of memories stirred from evening primrose.