09 February 2012

I am ashamed. Of myself. Of society. I'd like to blame society for the shame I feel in myself. You see, my neighborhood is close enough to downtown that it has a fair-sized population of homeless people. And I avoid them in every way. I see them bedding down on the thrown out furniture in the alley, and I don't take that shortcut. I see them with signs on the corners and I look straight ahead. I'm ashamed because I do have some money. I have food. I have shelter. But I cannot help them out. Even if I were to share what I have with one today ,and another tomorrow, they'd still be out there. I'd only be helping minimally. If I knew it would help solve the entire problem, I'd give my entire savings (not very much, currently) and live on the streets myself. But I know that it won't help. And so, instead, I do nothing. And I am ashamed.

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