30 May 2016

Work Woes

This week, my schedule at work is changing for the first time in several years. Currently I work four ten hour days and my days off are Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. From now on, my days off will be Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

It is upsetting for several reasons. One, I am one of the most senior employees in my department and there are a few employees who pick their own schedule. Two, the reason I am being told to switch my schedule is because we are understaffed and unable to hire more people for my department. Apparently Saturday is a day that would be short without my help. 

I don't mind my job. I have met some good people there. I have had good times. I live very close, so the commute is no big deal. I think that on the whole, my workplace is doing good for animals and the community. But my work is very much not my life. I live on the weekend. I live for hiking and camping and travel. I work to make money to do what I love. So weekends are very important to me. Most of my friends and most people in general, have Saturday and Sunday off. When my boyfriend worked for the local government, it was very nice to have two whole days to adventure together. I really hope this new schedule does not interfere with that. Currently, he is on break from school, so for now my lack of Saturdays should not have an effect on any plans we make, but who knows how long he will go without a job or internship. And there is always the possibility that we could still share at least two days off, but it is slim, when only one of mine is an actual weekend. 

I am frustrated with my workplace. I don't appreciate change. I don't feel valued. 

Also I have a toothache and everything is particularly annoying. 

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Abby said...

Well, crap. I hope venting a bit on the blog has at least provided some sort of relief.