29 May 2016

Dental Woes

Tooth pain is the worst pain in my opinion. It's just a deep throb that can't easily be soothed and it interferes with the most simple and pleasurable of activities -- eating and drinking. I generally go a few years between dental visits. This usually results in a couple of fillings, no big deal.

Last year I began to feel some tooth pain and decided to sign up for dental insurance through my work so I could get it checked out. The pain increased and I finally got an appointment for sometime in February. I learned that the cavity was all the way to the pulp and I'd need a root canal. Not terribly pleasant, but at least the insurance made it a bit cheaper. I also had a couple of minor cavities to fill. The root canal proved an immediate relief from the near constant toothache I'd been resigned to. A couple weeks later I went in for the new crown and to fill the other cavities. This was in March. I was warned that there may be some residual sensitivity that would fade in time as the nerves rerouted and whatnot. So I dealt with the rather shocking reaction to cold. I decided that chewing on the left side would be fine for a few weeks.

I went back after two or three weeks because the sensitivity remained, and got them to adjust the bite a bit to see if that would alleviate any pressure. Last week I went in again, a full two months after the procedure. The pain had not subsided, it was extremely noticeable with cold, somewhat with hot and a bit with pressure and sweets. Again, they ground down the crown and bit and assured me that the bite would be more aligned now. Except now I'm undergoing constant, throbbing pain from the tooth as well as the sensitivity to cold, hot and pressure. I am so tired of it. I don't know what to do with myself anymore. I hate wasting my days off sitting at the dentist. I hate being irritable from the pain and I hate eating lopsidedly. But I guess I'd better call the dentist first thing Tuesday.

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