03 May 2016

Trail Tuesday

Due to the wet weather this last week, today I ran on the High Line Canal Trail again. I went westward, to a new section I've never been on before. The first bit was obnoxious, as it ran along Colorado Boulevard, but after I met up with the canal again, it was beautiful. The trail was all dirt/gravel and wound among massive houses (Cherry Hills). It was really very pleasant. The temperature was perfect for running, mostly sunny, but with a nice breeze to keep the sweat from accumulating. I didn't pass many other trail users, only several maintenance vehicles. It was a nice 7 miles and I'll definitely have that segment as a backup when/if the foothills are inaccessible.

Tomorrow I am getting up a bit early to run with a friend. A good way to keep both of us motivated and accountable. It will be invaluable to get into the habit of running in the morning, as it will soon be too hot to run on my lunch breaks.

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Abby said...

Sounds lovely :)