02 October 2014

So somehow I ended up buying two bikes. Of course I know how, but the second one was so flashy. Bright orange and new. And the seat so much more comfortable. But it didn't make it the second half of my commute the first day I took it to work. The all-important return home. I ended up with a flat tire and no notion of what to do. So I called for help and got a ride back for me and my limping bike. I think I like the purple one better. It is a better brand (Trek). And it didn't let me down after a whole week of there-and-backs. I don't know if I should fix the orange one and sell the purple one, try to sell it as it, or fix and then sell. Do I really need to spend more money in order to get some back? Why does life have to be so complicated? Maybe I'll just drive to work from now on. Especially since it's getting toward freezing temperatures in the morning.

Wow, that was a block of text for ya.

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Abby said...

Hey, I got a flat tire this week! Great minds fail alike?

In the grand scheme, flat tires happen - not really the bike or the rider's fault, although there are some steps to help prevent them. And they're pretty cheap and easy to fix, I'm sure you're up to it. There are a gazillion youtube how-to videos. Here's one:

I'm just impressed you couldn't stop at just one bike :).