26 October 2014

Trail Tuesday (last Tuesday)

A friend of mine with whom I've hiked once before asked if I would join him on a hike he'd found in Rocky Mountain National Park. I agreed, even though it meant getting up ridiculously early on my day off to drive for two hours.

Boy was it worth it though!

Out ultimate destination was Sky Pond, but the trail passed several other alpine lakes along the way. It was amazing to watch the sun rise over these placid lakes.

Sunrise across Loch Vale

Timberline Falls. We had to scramble up the trail next to them.

The Shark's Teeth and Sky Pond.
I found the panorama function on my phone!

The Loch on the way back down.

My buddy and Alberta Falls.

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Abby said...

Wonderful fall hikes! I'm jealous. the Pacific Northwest calls for me to visit too, but like you, I wouldn't want to live there. Beautiful scenery. and a whale bone!