24 June 2014

Trail Run Tuesday

This morning I went for a trailrun/hike at Matthews/Winters Open Space Park. Mostly a hike because I’m not so good and running uphill. Downhill is another story. It was a great day for it. About 60 degrees when I started and not quite 70 when I got back. I went for about an hour and a half. I think it was upwards of 7 or 8 miles, but I’m not so sure because the maps stop mapping at a certain point and my stupid phone tracker app never gets it right.

I learned (by not wearing one) that a hat is essential not just to keep the sun out of one’s eyes, but most especially the sweat. My eyes were burning throughout.

I think I am going to get a hydration vest. I was using my boyfriend’s small hydration backpack, but it’s sort of awful. The nozzle leaks, but is also really hard to suck water from. It also jostles around a lot and I don’t need to carry so much. I found a nice vest that is really on sale, It just doesn’t come with the water bottles/flasks.

My New Balance MT10s are amazing. I really love how well they handle all the changing terrain without slipping.

Back to my phone tracker app being a jerk: I am looking into Fitbit and comparing it to similar products. I just want a mileage and pace tracker that won't die after several hours of use.

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Abby said...

Good going! I was with one of my kids getting him new shoes, and the store had some New Balance minimals on sale. Unfortunately, or fortunately, they didn't have my size or I would've been tempted. Fitbit looks like a nice product. Get one, I dare you.