30 June 2014


The day began at 3:30 am, we'd planned on hiking a nearby 14er. As we drove up the road to Mt. Evans it was sprinkling a bit despite the weather report. Above treeline the rain turned to snow. Very light snow, but definitely snow. On June 28th. The sun was rising behind us as we came drove out of the trees, and the colors lit up the blowing snow and the fast-moving clouds.


blowing snow.
Needless to say, we did not even attempt the climb that day. However, we decided we'd use up some gas instead of wasting the day and we drove up to Grand Lake and picked a hike on a whim. It ended up being spectacular.

Very pretty hike to be sure.

It was mostly cloudy in the morning and made the hiking up rather pleasant and not so sweaty. We hiked along a raging creek most of the way.

some raging.
I came face to face with a young buck around one of the switchbacks. I simply froze and watched him as he stared at me from about 10 feet away. Then he bounded off ahead. I wasn't quick enough to get a photo. I did, however get a photo of a much slower moose (and much further away.)

up and up.

more raging
Lone Pine Lake.
The hike ended at a small lake called Lone Pine Lake after crossing a recent avalanche area. We ate, rested and sunbathed before heading back. It was about 11 miles all told and definitely a hike I'd like to do again, perhaps as an overnighter.

I am sad to have missed the wedding reception for an old friend of mine. We were gone much longer than we anticipated.

relax time

Picking my way back down the slide area. 

Mr. Moose.

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Abby said...

Great way to weekend! (I like that word as a verb) And nice fallback plan when derailed by the snow(!!), but too bad about the friend's wedding.

Fine looking moose too. I understand you definitely want to steer clear of mama mooses with babies. You won't win.