17 July 2013

Remember how I have an addiction to minimal footwear? Yeah, I got another pair of shoes to add to my collection.

I now have 3 pairs of Vivobarefoot. One pair is slightly on the small side and I wear them to work. One is for winter hiking, and the other are new and I shall likely use them for parkour/exercise/everything. I have a pair of Unshoes sandals that I use for playing in the water and also for hiking. I have a pair of Cushe shoes that aren't quite minimal, but they have a barefoot feel. They're the casual walkabout shoes. And my newest addition is a pair of Merrell trail gloves. I got them for an incredible price on ebay. I have decided to delegate them as hiking shoes, but I'm not sure if they'll actually pass the test, I may resell them. You see, for a barefoot shoe they have a very high arch. Unnecessary. It sort of hurts. So we'll see. Headed for another 14er this weekend, I'll test them on the decent. Great thing about minimal shoes is that they're a breeze to carry around.

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Abby said...

Minimal shoes can be addicting. So much that it's difficult to keep the collection minimal! I have a pair of Merrell Barefoot Pure Gloves. So comfy, yet "attractive" enough for work. I'm interested to know your thoughts on the trail gloves after the weekend.