21 July 2013

Another 14er

This weekend was quite fun. And I got a lot into 3 days.

Day 1, Friday: I did some parkour with some friends from work. There is a great place with walls and rails and grass and everything.

Day 2, Saturday: After camping, we woke before dawn and began out assent of Mt. Sherman. It was amazing. I am in love with the trail to Gray's and Torrey's, but I think this hike may have trumped it. It's beautiful. And fairly short (just over 5 miles round trip). And also fairly easy. There were all sorts of old mining buildings, and the day was quite clear and perfect temperature. Really, I don't think I've had a more pleasant time. We summited about 2 hours after starting, so around 8am. We had Liam's sister's tiny dog and she did wonderfully going up, but had to be carried back down. I wore my new (to me) Merrell trail gloves. There were great. Nice and light and thin. I was worried that the bit of arch support they do have would hurt me, but it really didn't. Only the shape was a bit odd so that my arch got poked by a few rocks above where the sole ended. I think that Vivobarefoot still has the minimal sole down best.

Day 2 ended with steak, beer and Ewan McGregor (in Jack the Giant Slayer).

Day 3, Sunday: Almost attended Colorado Springs Pride, but they charged to park. Almost drove up Pike's Peak, but the traffic was awful. Instead, napped, ate.

Not looking forward to going back to "real life"

reflection and mine and summit.

Zorro up the ridge. 
trail gloves at the summit

Liam with Zorro at the summit. 
carrying Emma down. Sherman in the background.


Abby said...

Nice weekend! Hmmm... I was on the Incline today, and someone mentioned Greys and Tory's - I've never heard, but then here it is again.

That ridge looks daunting! Nice photo of you, you look sincerely happy.

Larz said...

You should do Grey's and Torrey's. I recommend it to everyone. And now Sherman too. For 14ers, very pleasant.