15 July 2013

I wonder if I can paint a picture with a few words here.

We were up before dawn. And it was chilly, not in a debilitating way, but in an invigorating way. We had hiked this trail several times and shared it with several people each time. That's because it's a popular 14er hike; fairly easy and close to Denver. We were hiking Torrey's Peak. As I said, it was invigorating.

And I thought we were making decent time. I was in my unshoes sandals. (fantastic for climbing, but I changed into vivos for the decent.) So some think I'm a bit odd for baring my toes on a 14er. Then we spied him.

He was tall. And he was wearing flip flops. But those actually weren't the first things I noticed about him. The things I noticed first were his leg warmers. They were pink leopard print and shaggy. A close second were his pants. Er... underpants? They were small and tight and bore a red and orange flame pattern.

He was loudly lamenting that his flip flops were just fine, except that he'd chipped his toenail polish. And indeed, his lime green lacquer was in quite a sorry state.

His fabulosity (my own word) actually may have outshone the exultation of summiting my 5th 15er. Alas that I didn't get a photo of him. I'm sure he would have loved it had I asked.

I do have other photos of the hike though.
Columbines with Torreys Peak

Summit of Torrey's Peak
Summit of Torreys. Grays on the left. Unshoes on the right.


Abby said...

You succeeded in painting a picture, and a rather strange picture it is. Not something one expects to see in that setting! Nice photos! Your blonde?

Larz said...

Not usually. I bleached my hair to get the pink out (faded purple left over from pride.)