23 April 2013

Well, this last week or so has been pretty back and forth. Much like the weather. Work has been mostly hellish. We have heaps of new protocols dealing with a bit of an issue in the dog population. Things won't be back to normal for several weeks. Hopefully our lungs don't burn from all the bleach before then. Also, hopefully we won't all kill each other with the added stresses.

I amazingly got an interview at the Equine branch of my shelter. IT was nice to be among horses again. Alas, I did not get the job, or even the day-long working interview I was promised. But I think I'll try to get a volunteer position there. See how that goes.

And the weather. I'm tired of turning the heat on and off. Because I always forget until I'm in bed, either freezing because of the sudden snowstorm or hot with the widows open. All I hope is that this moisture makes the summer bearable and not on fire.

I want to go hiking. Climbing 14ers, parkour. Anything. Then it snows again and turns everything cold then muddy.

I want/need to write. I don't know how to find a muse again and it's painful to force myself. But I feel that I must. Or I will never write again.


SilverReign said...

I've been having the same issue. I want to write, I know I need to. I'm a rather shitty writer, but it's nice to get my thoughts on paper. When I make time to do so, I draw a blank...

Abby said...

Writing inspiration is much like our weather, it seems.