05 April 2013

Shoe fetish

As you may know I am a shoe enthusiast. Not like most gay men, though. I enjoy a rather different variety of shoes. Minimal/barefoot shoes.

I really enjoy Vivos and I have two pairs. The first I got when I began parkour and the second was for winter hiking etc because they are waterproof. I got the first pair very snug as I figured it would be best if they didn't slip around. A good idea. However, my feet seem to have seized the freedom I've granted them and grown a bit. Now these first shoes pinch my smallest toe a bit. (This could get expensive if my feet keep growing!)

I also have a pair of minimal sandals from Unshoes.  They are good for everything except when it's very cold and parkour.

I decided I wanted a more casual shoe, not an athletic one. So I bought a pair of Cushe shoes. They are not as minimal in the sole as Vivos, but they still have the barefoot feel. They have a nice, wide toe box and no raised heel. They are very comfortable.

As always, I never pay full price for my shoes. I got them all (except the custom fit Unshoes) from the Clymb. There are many good deals there.

Anyhow. I've embraced -- rather, re-embraced-- the barefoot/minimal shoe lifestyle. And I love it. But I need a new pair of trainers now, because my feet apparently love it too much.

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Abby said...

These look very comfy (yes, I had to click the link). Back when I was a kid, the craze was "earth shoes". I think minimal shoes are an improved reincarnation. I just wish they weren't so danged expensive!