05 April 2013

On Fog

I wrote this in college and was reminded of it by this post

I look upon a foggy day, not as one depressed by such weather. Some think of the fog as a lurking, evil thing that clouds the senses. I, however, consider it a magnifying glass. Through fog I can see the land more clearly. Its dampness adds shine to otherwise dull things. Its coolness brings relief. The darkness which travels with it clarifies the light. Yes, the fog swirls about and obstructs things, but through indirect exposition, one can learn much more. Great mystery can be discovered and resolved in fog. The mists each tell a strand of any given story. The cool touch on my brow; the sweet, refreshing scent; the almost plausible mass of air; each shows me life in new ways. The sun shines through, layering down to the earth, illuminating the wisps. It clarifies the darkness. It eats away at the envelopment, tearing the white mass to tiny, diminishing threads. Each melts, revealing a stark, clean world that one may see far across. But the cool comfort of the fog is gone. Only bare exposure remains. To haunt. 

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Abby said...

Very nice. From a fellow fogophile.