26 April 2007

Attitude Collision

So it's been established that apathy is the disease of this generation, this country, and sure, the human race. Apathy recently entered a conversation which contrasted cynicism with hopefulness. I've already written my bit about apathy, I wish now to turn to cynicism.

I usually pride myself in my optimism, but there are days when that optimism is certainly overshadowed by the oppressiveness of the hellish realities of this world. This week has been one of those days. Yes, the entire week really. People claim finals week is the worst. I submit that the week before finals is roughly ten times more hellish. So this week I've been wallowing in my terrible attitude influenced by lack of sleep, poor food quality, piles of papers to write and many random engagements with which to engage. I've had some fun, sure. I've taken a chilly dip in the pond. I've experienced the elation of passing another CLEP. I've finished all the work in two of my classes, etc. But there are times when that fun is overshadowed. This week, most of the time.

Earlier today I was taking a break from the rigors of writing two papers simultaneously. Some friends and I went out to dinner. We had a grand spread of delectable burgers and the like. Of course all I could think about was the name of the restaurant and the Rolling Stones song from which it came. We were surprised by something though. Something in the midst of hell week broke through my cynicism and renewed hope for the human race. An elderly gentleman a few tables away paid for our entire meal. His reason, he said was not only because we asked him to join us but because we had the courage to bless our food in public. It was a blow to my attitude to be sure. Right when I wanted to shed all ties with this daft idea of Christianity which I was finding so petty, when I was wondering what I was doing and why, when I was despairing at the apathy in the world, at the lives lost because of that apathy, hope sprang anew. Humans are not a damned race. There is still good left. It just needs to be occasionally sought out. So I finish my last paper with hopefulness rather than distain. I wish to go out into the world and see things freshly.

...Like the Cote d'Ivoire flag hanging outside of Bennigans. Talk about a mistake. I'm pretty sure the sign says "Irish-American food." Nothing in there about Africa. Green stripe first, mate. (I told 'em that. )

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