12 April 2007

No Good Answer

Again I was asked. Asked why I want to go to Africa and what I hope to get out of it. Again I had no real answers. I agree with the others. I want to experience other cultures. I want to learn about the projects and the people. I want to meet people and begin relationships. I want to serve God as best I can. But is that all? Is that enough? Too much?

Again I wrestle with my selfish motivations. Do I want to go to feel better about myself? Do I want to go in order to stay away from my parents? Do I want to go in order to know someone more? These and other selfish motivations bombard me. If any of these is the main reason, I should quit now. I should spend my summer working at my adventure park. I should think about meaningless things.

So again I have no answers to the questions. I only have my heart.

I hope it is enough.

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Anonymous said...

I love that you are wrestling with these questions. They are hard, yes, but as you know, the process of questioning is perhaps the closest one can come to an answer.