12 May 2007

Musing as the time draws nigh...

There is so much stuff about Africa. Stories about Africa from travelers, missionaries, scientists, businessmen, doctors, soldiers and celebrities. Stories from Americans and from people who once lived in Africa and people who live there now. I hear them all. I'm inundated.

How can a place be both forgotten and so popular? Can it really be considered popular? But how else to consider it in light of all the concern, the coverage. Is the coverage the right sort? So many questions.

The fact is, Africa is in. Which is generally a good thing. People are being shown that there is a problem. People are realizing that they can help. But how much can so many (still relatively) ignorant people do?

I consider myself pretty well-informed. As a Global Studies major, I feel I've gotten a pretty rounded education. I feel I've learned how to stay in tune with current events. But I don't know anything. Seriously, not a single thing.

I've never been to Africa. My heart resides in Mexico. Deep in the canyons of the Sierra Madre, with the Tarahumara. I have no idea what will happen when I go to Africa. How much room is in my heart? How many specific faces can I keep in my memory?

I only know this: that I desire very much to go to Africa, and that I will always return to Mexico.

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Jubz said...

Good insights. Your perspective provokes a twist in thought on Africa's place in the world ...