10 January 2017

a new year

So with a new year generally comes new goals and dreams for that year.

I've got a few to be sure. But mostly I'm just trying to build good and healthy habits. Today I'm struggling a bit. It's an off day to be sure.

I'm trying to make it a habit to be more persistent with keeping track of my health and related things. I'm making it a point to check in weekly and record results/progress or general related thoughts/feelings. I note how many times I ran, went for walks, did parkour/natural movement, etc. Nothing to show yet of course, but I'm hoping that weekly reminders will keep me on track.

I was super bummed that we got a fair amount of snow at the beginning of my work week, and it all melted off before I could properly enjoy it. I love my 4 tens schedule, but it does mean that I don't see the sun much on my work days in the winter.

I should be running right now, but I lent my car out today, and though I can totally run on the urban trail two blocks away, I am stalling for some stupid reason. Bed is nice, y'know?

1 comment:

Abby said...

Looks like a good plan for the year. I think it's smart to make health a priority. It's hard to set and reach any other goals when we're sickly.